Terms and conditions

Participation Agreement

Applicable to: Juniors 1 Super Novice Juniors 2 Seniors 1 Seniors 2 Seniors 3

Williams Lake Blue Fins - Participation Agreement (must be signed and agreed prior to return).

Application- all athletes, coaches, members, volunteers, participants and family members of participants while in attendance at Club activities.

All Participants of Williams Lake agree to abide by the following points when entering club facilities and/or participating in club activities under the COVID-19 Response plan and RTP protocol.

                  I agree to symptom screening checks and will let my club know if I have experienced any of the symptoms in the last 14 days.

                  I agree to stay home if feeling sick and remain home for 14 days if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

                  I agree to sanitize my hands upon entering and exiting the facility, with soap or sanitizer.

                  I agree to sanitize the equipment I use throughout my practice with approved cleaning products provided by the club (shared and personal equipment).

                  I agree to continue to follow social distancing protocols of staying at least 2 meters away from others.

                  I agree to not share any equipment during practice times

                  I agree to abide by all of my clubs COVID-19 Policies and Guidelines

                  I understand that if I do not abide by the aforementioned policies/ guidelines, that I may be asked to leave the club for up to 14 days to help protect myself and others around me.

                  I acknowledge that continued abuse of the policies and/or guidelines may result in suspension of my club membership temporarily.

                  I acknowledge that there are risks associated with entering club facilities and/or participating in club activities, and that the measures taken be the club and participants, including those set out above and under the COVID-19 Response Plan and Return to Sport Protocols, will not entirely eliminate those risks.


“Organization” refers to:Williams Lake Blue Fins 


1. This is a binding legal agreement; therefore, clarify any questions or concerns before signing. As a Participant participating in the sport of Swimming, including training, competitions and practices (collectively the “Activities”), the undersigned acknowledges and agrees to the following terms:


2. The Organization and its trainers, instructors, agents, and representatives (collectively the “Organization”) are not responsible for any injury, personal injury, damage, property damage, expense, loss of income or loss of any kind suffered by a Participant during, or as a result of, the Activities, caused in any manner whatsoever including, but not limited to, the negligence of the Organization.

 I have read and agree to be bound by paragraphs 1 and 2.

Description of Risks

3. I am participating voluntarily in the Activities. In consideration of my participation, I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with or related to the Activities. The risks, dangers and hazards include, but are not limited to, injuries from:

a) The hazards particular to the activity(ies) in which I am participating;

  1. a)  Executing strenuous and demanding physical techniques;

  2. b)  Vigorous physical exertion, strenuous cardiovascular workouts and rapid movements;

  3. c)  Exerting and stretching various muscle groups;

  4. d)  Failure to properly use any piece of equipment or from the mechanical failure of any piece of equipment;

  5. e)  Contact, colliding, falling or being struck by other participants or equipment; and

  6. f)  Spinal cord injuries which may render me permanently paralyzed.

4. Furthermore, I am aware:

  1. a)  That injuries sustained can be severe;

  2. b)  That I may experience anxiety while challenging myself during the activities, events and programs;

  3. c)  That I may come into close contact with other participants;

  4. d)  That my risk of injury is reduced if I follow all rules established for participation; and

  5. e)  That my risk of injury increases as I become fatigued.

Release of Liability and Disclaimer

5. In consideration of the Organization allowing me to participate, I agree:

  1. a)  That my physical condition has been verified by a medical doctor to participate;

  2. b)  The sole responsibility for the Participant’s safety remains with the Participant;

  3. c)  To remove myself if I sense or observe any unusual hazard or unsafe condition; or feel unable or unfit to safely


  4. d)  To ASSUME all risks arising out of, associated with or related to my participation;

  5. e)  To WAIVE any and all claims that I may have now or in the future against the Organization;

  1. f)  To freely ACCEPT AND FULLY ASSUME all such risks and possibility of personal injury, death, property damage, expense and related loss, including loss of income, resulting from my participation in the activities, events and programs of the Organization; and

  2. g)  To FOREVER RELEASE the Organization from any and all liability for any and all claims, demands, actions, damages (including direct, indirect, special and/or consequential), losses, actions, judgments, and costs (including legal fees)

By clicking on YES after reading this document, you will waive certain legal rights, including the right to sue. Please read carefully.

(collectively, the “Claims”) which I may have or may in the future, that might arise out of, result from, or relate to my participation in the Activities, even though such Claims may have been caused by any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to, the negligence, gross negligence, negligent rescue, omissions, carelessness, breach of contract and/or breach of any statutory duty of care of the Organization.

 I have read and agree to be bound by paragraphs 3 -5


6. I acknowledge that I have read and understand this agreement, that I have executed this agreement voluntarily, and that this agreement is to be binding upon myself, my heirs, spouse, children, parents, guardians, next of kin, executors, administrators and legal or personal representatives.

By clicking YES to the agreement - you indicate that you understand and will comply with all Participation protocols and have clearly read all paragraphs.