Swim Meet Information Guide

October 30, 2021

With swim meets starting back up this year, we have a lot of swimmers excited to start their first year of competition. We thought we'd make a Swim Meet Information Guide to help make the process a little bit easier.

General Information

MEET PACKAGE is available under the event. It’s usually a .PDF document that contains venue address, session times, the event list, and any unique information (parking/maps/special rules). Typically, we ask that all of our swimmers arrive READY TO GO* on deck 20 minutes before their session times.

*Ready to go means suit on, cap and goggles in hand, wearing team shirt

Basic Schedule

Arrival and Set Up

Swimmers will arrive 20 minutes early and find their coaches/team. Coaches usually have a table set up at the side of the pool and that’s their “home base” for the day. We encourage all of our swimmers to hang out with their team and stay in one area. If your swimmer isn’t in the team area and is about to race, we may not be able to get them to their event on time.  Depending on the meet, there may be a spectator area where parents can set themselves up. Spectator information is usually found in the meet package.

Between Warm Up & First Race

The team will activate together on deck, and we will have a team meeting before hopping into the water to warm up. After the warmup, the swimmers’ jobs will be to keep warm, refuel and prepare for their races. Heat Sheets are often available for sale – those are the schedule of all races for the day. Most swimmers write their Event/Heat/Lane schedule on their arm or leg so they know when they swim. Parents who have heat sheets are encouraged to help their swimmers figure out when they swim at this time.

During Events

Cheer for our swimmers! The more supported they feel, the better they will feel about their experience. There is usually a score board in the pool area which will have a display showing what event and heat is currently in the water, which will give you an idea of when they race. 50’s tend to go very quickly, often quicker than expected. Your swimmer is likely going to be hungry and snacky throughout the meet, so make sure to bring a plethora of light, healthy snacks! 

We also recommend an app called Meet Mobile Swim which provides real-time updates from your favorite swimmers (and team). It's a great way to track a swim meet. There's a free version,  and the paid version is very well priced (less than $15/year).

Post Session

We don’t usually do team dinners – between everyone racing on different schedules and the incredibly long wait times with a big group, we find it easier for everyone to do their own thing. If you want to make plans with other parents, go for it!

Swim Meet Bag Checklist

o   Masks (swimmers have to put masks on immediately after their races, so we'd recommend bringing a few as they will get wet quickly)

o   Towel(s)

o   Pants or Shorts

o   Blue Fins T-Shirt or Sweatshirt

o   Goggles (2)

o   Blue Fins Cap x2

o   Swim Suit (If you have more than one, pick the tightest one)

o   Blue Books

o   Activities

o   Healthy Snacks

o   Water Bottle

o   Deck Shoes (optional – but nice)