Super Novice Assessment Score Chart

December 16, 2020

Super Novice Assessments (progress reports) are being sent out via email this week. This is a new system for us, so if you have any questions or feedback, please email Coach Amanda!

Throughout each session, our Super Novice swimmers are assessed and receive stickers for their performance in several key areas of swimming: kicks, starts and turns, strokes, effort and listening skills. These sticker charts are posted around the deck of the pool and are a great way for our young swimmers to create goals and see their progress.

Skills are assessed on a 1-4 scale, which corresponds to the sticker the kids receive on their chart:
1 = Tried it, starting to learn it [Octopus]
2 = Practicing it and getting better [Whale/Turtle]
3 = Working hard to improve, starting to master it [Fish]
4 = Nailed it! [Shark]