September Swimmers of the Month

November 27, 2020

Super Novice Swimmer of the Month: Conner Edwards

Conner has been excelling so far this season, really applying himself at practice and showing up every day with a "can-do" attitude. He has seen big improvements already from when he started, and that is due to his willingness to do the best he can every time he's in the pool. We are really proud of the effort he's putting in and can't wait to see him continue to get better and better every day. Well done, Conner!






Junior Swimmer of the Month: Hunter Stokes

Hunter has blown away his coaches so far this year, and his improvement in all areas of his swimming has been incredible to watch. He has been working hard on fine-tuning his technique, learning new skills, and is always excited to step up to any and all challenges we give him. Hunter doesn't do the minimum in practice, always looking for ways to do a little extra and to give a little more than asked. His positivity and sportsmanship make him a great leader for our Junior group and he sets a great example for his teammates every practice. We are so proud of you Hunter! Keep on rocking it.





Senior Swimmer of the Month: Jadyn Johnston

Jadyn has really stepped up his game in this first month back, working hard at every practice, making the corrections his coaches ask of him, and has done it all with a great attitude. With no swim meets on the horizon, it can be hard for our seniors to stay motivated, but Jadyn has been a real leader this year in encouraging his teammates to challenge themselves to work harder and in bringing a level of excitement to practice. We are loving the positivity and the effort Jadyn, keep it up!