October Swimmers of the Month

November 27, 2020

Super Novice Swimmer of the Month: Jesse Neufeld

We could not be more proud and amazed of the improvement Jesse has demonstrated since returning to swim in September. He has been improving by leaps and bounds, and every day we are celebrating a new achievement. His kicks have transformed, and we know how hard he's worked to improve in that area. Recently, Jesse also learned how to dive off the block, which is a HUGE accomplishment! Great work this past month, Jesse!

Junior Swimmer of the Month: Tiera French

Tiera has been one of our most consistent swimmers, showing up every practice with a great attitude, ready to work hard and does such a great job of applying the corrections her coach asks her to work on. Her ability to really think critically about her swimming is unique and has led to a lot of growth and improvement. We've been loving seeing her sassy side come out a little more, and she's been a shining star so far this year. Well done, T!

Senior Swimmer of the Month: Braedi Hamar

Braedi has undisputably stepped up her game this season, pushing herself to her limit and beyond nearly every practice. Her motto is not to just be good, but to be gooder. She does not stay in her comfort zone, having moved herself up to a tougher lane and hustling to make those harder pace times. It takes a lot of grit and determination to work the way Braedi has been working, and we can't wait to see that effort pay off in spades in future competitions. Not only does Braedi work her butt off every day, but she comes in with a great attitude, is always encouraging her teammates, and always brightens our day. Keep it up Braedi, you're rocking it!