November Swimmers of the Month

December 6, 2020

Super Novice Swimmer of the Month: Avery Pelley

Avery has set some big goals for herself this year, and has been working incredibly hard to achieve them. Avery is swimming in our most challenging lane in Super Novice, where she has diligently been working on perfecting the techniques she's been learning, as well as increasing her volume of swimming to better prepare for the next level. We've been very impressed by Avery's focus in the water this year and her willingness to push herself hard every practice in order to improve. Great work, Avery!

Junior Swimmer of the Month: Amelia Dell

Amelia has consistently shown an incredible work ethic, comes to every practice with a positive attitude, and has recently made the decision to go outside of her comfort zone and step up into the next group. This is a very big and intimidating jump - not only are the practices harder than what she's been used to, but swimming with a new group can be a bring a lot of challenges, especially in these times of social distancing. Amelia has handled the work load like a pro, and she has seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly become an essential part of her new group. We have really enjoyed seeing her proud and excited smile at practice, and have been so proud of the hard work she's been putting in. Way to go Amelia, you are a rockstar!

Senior Swimmer of the Month: Ian Foster

This is Ian's first year as a swimmer, and man what a year it's been for him! Ian's willingness to learn and grow combined with his work ethic have paid off in spades. Not only has Ian improved tremendously, but he's been up for every new challenge thrown his way - and as a new swimmer who started his journey in the Senior group, there have been a lot of challenges. Ian's performance in practice, during test sets and at time trials have highlighted just how hard he's worked to come as far as he has; we often forget that he's only been swimming for a few months. Not only does he have great work ethic, but he makes our team better every single day with his kindness, his positivity, and his team spirit. We could not be prouder of you, Ian!