January Swimmers of the Month

February 5, 2021

Super Novice Swimmer of the Month: Eleanor Dean

Eleanor has always been a hard worker, great listener and a fantastic teammate. She's always eager to step up to whatever challenge her coach gives her, and has been overcoming fears and obstacles to grow into a very skilled little swimmer! We have all been so proud watching her continue to grow in confidence diving off the starting blocks and being willing to face her anxiety head on. It's not easy to keep pushing through that fear, and her persistence is so inspiring for her teammates and her coaches. Eleanor is a great leader for her group, and her attitude and work ethic have encouraged her teammates to work even harder too. Congratulations Eleanor, you are rocking it!


Junior Swimmer of the Month: Annica Stalker

To say Annica has improved since the start of the year would be a huge understatement! She has been very thoughtful and focused about her swimming, and has been pushing herself to get better not just every practice, but in every set we do. Annica recently dropped a full minute off of her 400m Freestyle and has successfully stepped up into a new lane - not just keeping up to the others, but taking over as leader and doing so with confidence and skill. Outside of the pool, Annica is always smiling, encouraging and willing to help. Her teammates and coach have all appreciated her assistance with equipment after practice, as well as the kindness in which she treats everyone around her. Great work Annica, keep it up!


Senior Swimmer of the Month: Dylan DeRose

Dylan's dedication to training, willing to put the hard work in each and every practice, and his incredibly positive attitude have not only earned him Swimmer of the Month, but are just a few of the reasons why our team is so lucky to have him. Dylan makes our team better. He is constantly asking for more and always willing to put the effort forth to not just meet expectations, but to exceed them. It doesn't matter what we throw at him for practice, he is always ready to step up, give it his all, and do it with a genuine smile. As a result of his hard work, Dylan has improved significantly in both his technique and his times, reaching goals and creating new ones. Congratulations Dylan, we are all proud of you!