December Swimmers of the Month

January 22, 2021

Super Novice Swimmer of the Month: Kaybrie Sorenson

Kaybrie joined our team this year and has stood out with the positivity and energy she brings to every practice. With her fanstastic listening skills and work ethic, Kaybrie has already improved so much. This month, Kaybrie participated in her first in-practice time trial and impressed all of us with her confidence and perseverance to push through some really challenging races. She makes our team brighter and we are proud to have her as our swimmer of the month for December.


Junior Swimmer of the Month: Hayden Petruk

Hayden has consistently shown himself to be a great leader on our team, and while he may bring a little fun drama when we have a kick set, there isn't a day where Hayden isn't giving it his all in the water. This month, Hayden stepped up to compete for the first time, challenging himself to swim multiple back-to-back races, swimming impressive results each time. We were so proud to see him go out of his comfort zone and we are excited to see him continue to push his limits and continue to grow as an athlete. Well done Hayden!


Senior Swimmer of the Month: Rowan Smith

No one who has swum with Rowan could ever doubt her work ethic or dedication, and Rowan proved that multiple times over this month. She emerged as the champion in our in-house skins event, has achieved multiple best times and qualifying times in practice, and has continued to step up in practice. Rowan also swam over the break to keep her competitive edge sharp and we are confident the extra work and effort she's been putting in will continue to pay off in the next year. Really great work, Rowan!